Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning And ATS, Future Of Hiring

In today’s society, his future is imagined about every kind of business. But if you talk about employee recruitment, employee recruitment will be based on three types of technology in the future.
1- Artificial Intelligence
2- Machine Learning
3- Applicant Tracking System

There are many flaws in the way employees are recruited in today’s time. As the recruitment of employees has been long in the traditional way, and most HR adopt this method for recruitment. As such, data is downloaded from a job portal in bulk for recruitment of employees. Then filter it and call the applicants for an interview. This whole process takes a lot of time and even after doing so many applicants do not come for interview. Therefore, HR’s hard work becomes zero when it comes here. But if all the problems can be solved, if the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Applicant Tracking System is used in employee recruitment. is a Job Platform based on Artificial Intelligence, Applicant Tracking System Machine Learning.The is designed in such a way that it is convinced that it will look for the appropriate talent based on their skills. Through, you can choose an appropriate employee for the company to hire without any headaches or long processes HR does not even need to buy any expensive monthly package. filters the residual Candidates through Artificial Intelligence and takes their screening test. The advantage of this whole process is that if a company needs an employee to work, then the employee selected by is sent only for the company interview. We can say that its a simple ATS based on AI which helps HR in Recruitment by their logical filtration process.

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