Augmented Reality: Digital to Real World

Augmented reality is a technology that mixes real-world information with computer generated images and content. It is presented on a computer screen and mobile phone browser, which gives the user an interactive experience.

Augmented reality is the second form of virtual reality, in this technique, a computer-generated environment that matches the environment surrounding created by you. That is, a virtual scene is created by connecting another virtual world with the world around you, which seems realistic in the sense that no one can compare the difference between the real world and the virtual world.

In this Era of technology, the use of Augmented Reality is being used in the field of digital gaming, education, military training, engineering design, robotics, shopping, and medicine. Many of its applications are available on the Play Store if you search Augmented Reality on Play Store, you will redirect to lot of applications.

How would it feel that many dinosaurs on your computer table or home floors on the go, or aliens and then and again, it is possible in today’s time due to the Augmented Reality, just pick up your phone and download these games from the Play Store and enjoy the Augmented Reality.

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