Don’t Compromise Hire by Choice

The credit goes to the management team for the success of any company, the same goes for its employees. Some employees are like the backbone of the company. But it doesn’t mean that only those employees are more precious to the company. In a company, every employee has its own importance according to his/her work responsibilities.

There has been a lot of change in technology over the last several years but there is no visible change in the process of recruitment in the companies. Many companies are using traditional recruitment ways for Hiring. But this process is now outdated, which is being damaged somewhere in the companies. Whenever the company open vacancies on various job profiles the first step of HR is to Signup with various Job Portals and get the database of candidates.

Some job portals are free but they have access to only a few applications and some are more costly than the company who is having very few employees can’t pay for such big packages. The Database provided by various job portals is not filtered, it has to be filtered later. Now HR has all the responsibility to filter the data according to their requirement.

After the filtration of database HR make calls to the candidate and schedule their interview accordingly, while doing the calls many candidates don’t even answer the call, Some are not interested to switch their current Job. Only a few were scheduled for Interview, the ratio will approximately 3:10.

After consuming a lot of time in order to call Candidates together, there are few candidates who are willing to do the job. Then they are asked to answer some questions, only those candidates were called for interview who can answer those questions. Some candidates come for interviews just to check out their level of knowledge and experience in that field, some will not appear in the interview and when they were called again they don’t even pick the call.

Only a few candidates who appear in the interview are suitable for the job profile. Sometimes company hires those employees that are none of the use. Overall, even after such a long process, devoting more time and money the company could not recruit suitable employees. Some problems or compromises made in hiring employee will affect the productivity of work.

In this case, the employees who are recruited get various problems and they do not work in collaboration with other employees of the company. The result of these type of hiring leads to the conflicts between employees in the company which ruins the work environment in the company.

If the recruitment done for some specific work or project is not completed properly then it affects the reputation of company among its consumers and clients. Some employees leave the company within few days after joining, so even after spending a huge amount of money and time on recruitment, the company could not get anything.

Today HR is facing such type of big problems which affect the growth of a company. At present, many job portals are active and they provide better services to HR. But they are not effective because still, they are selling that old-school database that is not even updated for a long time. No one is working to relieve HR from these various problems.

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