Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Human Life

In today’s era, the use of artificial intelligence is increasing in all areas like medicine, sports and banking. There is a lot of demand for artificial intelligence in these areas. Therefore machines are now being built in such a way that they can learn from themselves and help them in the work of human beings.The work that one person can finish in a long time, With the help of Artificial Intelligence, that work can be done in a very short time. While the human brain is exhausted at one time, machines with artificial intelligence can work tirelessly.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence in the field of medicine, a lot of work is being done smoothly. X-ray reading is being done with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Also, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, nowadays, machines that are capable of performing the operation of human beings can also be made.
Not only this, Artificial Intelligence is being used to know the disease of the people. Artificial intelligence with medicine is also being used in sports.

Artificial intelligence has made human work quite comfortable. Only one computer can work with the ability of hundred brains. The advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence are believed to be lesser than that and machines will be used in place of human beings, which can have many disadvantages, that the machine will decide on its own and if it is not controlled It can be harmful to human civilization

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