H.R Challenges in Employee Recruitment

Current Era if of technology and in present technology is spreading like fire. Day by day technology is introducing itself into various new fields. With the change in technology consistently, Companies are facing tough challenges to save their share in the market. When technology is changing rapidly than the major challenge faced by companies is to hire better talent. Now, whenever we talk about hiring then the main part is Human Resource. HR plays a very vital role for recruiting new employees for companies, But it’s not so simple for them also, they have to tackle with various challenges during recruitment.

Challenges in recruitment

1- Slow recruitment
One of the biggest struggles of HR is to hire better talent in very less time. Sometimes HR encounter with some job profiles that are important and need to close in less time. Many HR professionals had time during the recession to deliberate over candidates’ qualifications and conduct multiple rounds of interviews, but competition is heating up once more for great talent

2- Not having enough resources.
Many HR professionals have to make hiring with the resources they have, and sometimes the database is so old that it’s not worthy. While some HR departments have large budgets to place ads on the Internet or print media. But the main problem is again of less time.

3- Do not get a suitable candidate
HR professionals often see themselves stuck when they aren’t receiving resumes from candidates with strong backgrounds or skill sets needed for the position. Even if these recruiters reach out to passive job seekers, they may hit a brick wall in terms of finding the talent they need

4. Finding workers who fit the company culture.
Many times HR does not meet the appropriate Candidates for the company. This is a major challenge for HR, after the long recruitment process, many such employees are recruited who do not fit in the company’s culture.

5. No Show Candidates
Many times the candidates do not come for interviews and do not even respond to HRs call. This problem is common for HR.

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