Hire Candidate By Choice

The development of technology has made major changes in many fields of technology but in the recruitment process, no changes have been received through the era. In result to which companies have to face various problems in recruiting best and appropriate talent for them. In the meantime, many job portals are active and working, but due to their traditional recruitment techniques, we found changes in recruitment procedures equal to nil.

Now, let us discuss the job portal which can help you in recruiting suitable talent for your organization with the limited time period. With the help of Applicant Tracking System, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, came up with a solution to many problems of HR in employee recruitment. There is no such thing to hire candidates through resume filtration based on the skills mentioned in resume itself.

But in we make it simple through logical filtration based resumes, only those resumes will be visible to you that are suitable for all the skills you require to hire the candidate. Its all due to Machine Learning which is used in help employer to select the candidate of best choice. While recruiting employees from other job portals, HRs have to filter resumes manually and call candidates for an interview but in we have online scheduling of Interview onboard itself. The applicant’s screening test is also available on, through which HR can save the time spent in interviewing irrelevant applicants.

Whenever an applicant applied for a job at, his screening test is taken by our logical filtration process. The applicant who fails in the screening test will redirect to other job position by our server through Machine Learning. will automatically categorize that candidate to the declining field of employer dashboard. After the Screening Test candidates who passed the test can schedule their interview with Employer on the flexible timings provided by Employer. Its demolish the cold calling process of companies to schedule interviews for candidates. will continue to track that applicant through ATS until the chosen applicant joins the company by giving the technical interview. The process of recruitment used by is very easy to hire suitable talent for an organization. is also offering these services at very reasonable rates which in reality costs a lot.

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