Hire With AI, Forget The Old School Database Sellers

Don’t rely on the old-school database for you hiring, hire smartly with AI and ATS Employee recruitment is a major challenge for companies but most companies recruit employees with the old traditional way. If we can hire candidates with the help of technology, then this process can be quite easy. Additionally, only eligible staff get recruited. Let us discuss that how Traditional Hiring is different from Smart Hiring or how can we hire the best talent with the help of technology.

Traditional Hiring

1- This process takes a lot of time to recruit employees and it is also expensive.

2- Sometimes HR didn’t find the best candidate for organization and time consumed in this process is lengthy.

3- HR will download the database of hundred candidates from different job portals and filter them for the relevant profile, which consumes a lot of time. After this, the selected applicants were called for an interview. In some cases most of the candidates don’t appear for an interview, some deny to switch the job.

4- Apart from job portals, employers also hire from some other media like print media, In-House hiring etc. Some employers who have a large number of vacancies, they hire recruitment firms which cost around 8% of the annual CTC for one job profile. Its too much expensive and long process.

Smart Hiring 

1- In the process of Smart Hiring, we hire employees with the help of technology.

2- This process is easier as compared to Traditional Hiring and even it won’t take much time for recruitment.

3- Employer will get filtered resumes of candidates with help of Machine Learning. So you don’t have to filter the database of hundred candidates manually anymore.

4- The candidate will appear for online screening test in Smart Hiring. This screening test is prepared by the employer which filter candidates on the basis of their skills through Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. In this process, disqualified candidates are automatically get rejected by the server.

In Smart Hiring, the applicant can be tracked on every level until joining from the very first step of making a profile and resume submission. Overall, Smart Hiring is a process that helps the employer to hire the best talent with the help of technology by reducing the time consumed in Traditional Hiring.

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