Hire With Applicant Tracking System Based On Ai

What is the applicant tracking system and why do companies use them and how?
The applicant tracking system is used by many employers to track and manage the recruitment process. The applicant tracking system provides automated methods for companies to fully manage the recruitment process, by obtaining applications to recruit employees, screening candidates information in the database, applicants testing, scheduling interviews, managing recruitment process, references are used to check the past profile of employee.

How does the applicant tracking system help in the recruitment process?
Recruitment procedures are often seen that applicants do not come for an interview after applying. Also, some applicants do not join the company after giving an interview. This is a big challenge for both HR and Company. But with the help of the applicant tracking system, this challenge can be dealt with.

How can Applicant Tracking System help HR?

The applicant tracking system can track a candidate from his resume submission to joining. In this way, a major problem of HR can be solved. Because many times the candidate did not appear in an interview after submitting the resume. But the applicant tracking system will begin to track the candidate after the resume has been submitted. Hence, the time of HR to track the candidate will not be consumed. is a job portal based on applicant tracking system and Artificial Intelligence Technology. Talking about the companies that are looking for the employee, is designed in such a way that it filters the resume according to the needs of the company through Artificial Intelligence and applicant tracking system. The candidate who got selected in this process can schedule the interview online and can appear for interview according to the flexible timings provided by HR of the Company. The candidate is tracked by until the joining process is completed and candidates join the company. This process shows that is a job portal that works for companies to provide relevant employees and join their duties according to their needs.

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