How would HR solve these problems ?

Recruitment of employees in companies is not less than any major headache for HR, because there are many flaws in the manner which are adopted for recruitment of employees. First of all talk about job portals. For recruitment of employees, HR downloads the data of candidates in bulk by visiting different job portals. From here neither the HR gets data filtered and there is no information about candidates’ skills.

Many times, the data is downloaded from these job portals and the company gets too much time and one can not get the right employee recruited. Apart from this, the other way is to recruit employees locally. There are also many drawbacks in this Companies recruit employees through their local sources. There is no guarantee that the company gets the right employee in it.

The disadvantage is that the staff recruited at the local level is not suitable for the company’s work and the company’s time and money are poor in recruitment. Apart from this, companies seek the help of job consultants to recruit employees. Companies do not even have any special advantage. Job Consultants see their advantage in recruiting employees.

They are sent by both appropriate and unsuitable employees for an interview. After which the employees are required to be admitted by job consultants when they do not get an employee from anywhere in the compulsion. In addition, companies use social media to recruit employees. Moreover, companies do not have any special advantage.

Because there is no guarantee that when the company gets its employees through social media. In addition, seeing the need of the employee on social media, many incompetent cadets also apply for jobs. HR is time consuming for interviewing. Companies also recruit staff through advertising on the internet and advertising on the newspaper.

But they also do not get good staff. Advertising on the newspaper also costs a lot of money. All these procedures to recruit employees are quite slow and it takes a lot of time to recruit employees. Therefore, instead of replacing them, companies need a system that can simplify the work of HR and provide the employees according to the needs of the companies.

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