HR Admin- Work and Function

The Human Resources (HR) administrator is the first point of contact within a company for all HR-related inquiries.

The work of administrator HR is to design company, joining the staff, payroll, documentation, and attendance. HR admin keeps all the information related to the documentation of company employees. It also works to alert employees who are in lack of attendance.

The HR admin also monitors the work done by the employees in the workplace. The HR admin has the account of how many hours the employees worked in the workplace. HR Admin has all the information related to the salary of the employees. Any problem related to the employees’ salaries is also done by the HR Admin.

1- Handle out all the formalities related to employee screening, interview, and testing applicants; notifying existing staff about internal opportunities, appraisals etc;

2- Maintaining personnel records; obtaining temporary staff from agencies.

3- Payroll of employees; distributing checks; maintaining records and documentation of Employees.

4- Providing loan facilities, medical insurance, savings bond, and disability programs by advising employees of eligibility;

5- Application information; helping with form completion; verifying submission; notifying employees about approvals.

6- Monitors unemployment claims by reviewing claims; substantiating documentation; requesting legal counsel review.

7- Maintains human resources records by recording new hires, transfers, terminations, changes in job classifications, merit increases; tracking vacation, sick, and personal time.

8- Orients new employees by providing orientation information packets; reviewing company policies; gathering withholding and other

9- Documents human resources actions by completing forms, reports, logs, and records.

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