HR Executive – Work and Function

HR Executive – Work and function Human resources executives manage the administrative tasks that involve employee compensation, benefits, education, and motivation. Let us explain the work of HR in detail:

Engagement and Performance

Monitoring the Company’s Performance and meeting with senior officials to make the company better. Taking initiatives to engage the staff in their work. Taking the surveys in order to understand their engagement level and accordingly take actions. Planning events or activities regularly or on some occasions, getting them approved by senior management and implementing them properly.

Organizations Design

Human resources executive play an important role in designing an organization. The following works are done by human resources executive in organizations design

1- Understanding the imperative for change and the environment.                                                                     2- Understanding the business processes, workflows, roles and responsibilities, volumes of work, activity analysis and resources                                                                                                                                                    3- Designing and testing new models or structures.                                                                                                4- Planning and managing the transition from the old structure to the new.                                                     5- Implementing and monitoring the change.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is a process under which an organization ensures employee recruitment and it has been developed to fill every important role in the company. Human resource executive recruits qualified employees in the company through Succession Planning. Simultaneously develop employees’ knowledge skills and abilities .

Leadership Development

To make employees honest towards work and motivate them for a better job

Encourage employees from time to time

Inspire employees to work together

Motivate employees by sending emails from time to time

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