Impact Of AI in Recruitment

The difference between AI recruitment and traditional hiring is a cheap and expensive computer. Suppose you have an IT company and you have given the staff to cheap computers, how your company’s performance will be, design time can not be made, the system will slow down, And then you will think that why you did not buy good computers. The same applies to the employee recruitment process as well. Companies have been recruiting employees for the past several years in a traditional way. While companies also have to take various types of losses. Employees recruited from old traditional methods are just like a cheap computer.
1- This can not be adjusted well in your company
2- The work that is assigned to them can not do it properly because it is not suitable for that work
3- This kind of employee leaves the company one day by spoiling the company’s time, causing loss of work.
But it would not have happened if they had recruited good employees. You can easily do smart hiring by visiting is a job portal based on applicant tracking system and Artificial Intelligence Technology. Talking about the companies that are looking for the employee, is designed in such a way that it filters the resume according to the needs of the company through Artificial Intelligence and applicant tracking system.

The candidate who got selected in this process can schedule the interview online and can appear for interview according to the flexible timings provided by HR of the Company. The candidate is tracked by until the joining process is completed and candidates join the company. This process shows that is a job portal that works for companies to provide relevant employees and join their duties according to their needs.

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