Interview Methods and Types

Behavioural based interview

Behavioral-based interviews are based on the behavior and the last job experiences of the Candidate. It is also based on the past job performance of the candidate. For such purposes, STAR based behavioral interviews are done. Conditions, assignments, proceedings, and results are included in the Star based Behavior Interview Questions. They work as a framework to describe various situations or actions and to define the actions performed by the Candidate and to achieve the result.

Case interviews:

Case questions are one of the most commonly used forms of interview methods. Many HR use this method, in this type of interview, the HR presents a scenario to the candidate and expects the candidate to solve the questions with a proper solution and an alternative method or further suggestions to the question. The candidate is tasked with working along the details of this method. Case questions may vary depending upon the job position. In some cases, the HR tries to find a candidate that is suitable for implementing long-term strategies and processes while in other cases, they tend to find candidates who are calm and composed in case of any emergency situations.

Panel Interview

This is an easy interview method, these types of interviews do not include any kind of performance pressures. These are basically used as a form of information for the candidate as a chance to compare their expectations about the job to the position that they have applied for.

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