image A Virtual Recruiter

It’s a great saying that if you walk with time the change yourself with time. But to move along time you not only change but your work style should also change with time. These days companies are accepting new technologies sharply. But if we talk about recruitment process then we don’t find any relevant change throughout the years.

Isn’t it shocking that still, many companies are using old traditional ways for recruitment, whereas the technology is spreading very quickly? Hiring with old traditional methods is not less than a Headache. We need to change the process of Hiring with time but how this will change and how we can use technology in recruitments? Let’s discuss how we can change this process of recruitment with the use of technology.

Here I’m talking about, is not only a simple job portal. We can say that it is a virtual recruiter which helps us in hiring best talent with the help of AI, ML, and ATS. AI and ML help the employer to filtered best talent with an online screening test. can help you to hire candidate according to your needs. is designed in such a way that it filters the resume according to the needs of the company through Artificial Intelligence and track applicant with all the levels through Applicant Tracking System included in it.

The candidate who got selected in online screening test can schedule their interview online according to the flexible timings and days provided by an employer. The candidate is tracked by until the joining process is completed and candidate joins the company. This process shows that is a job portal that works for companies to provide relevant employees and join their duties according to their needs which states that it’s not just a job portal but it’s just like a virtual recruiter who hire candidates with the use of technology.

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