How Machines Can Hire Candidates

Every time when we talk about Artificial Intelligence the first word that comes is Machine Learning. Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence. We can say that it is the process that machine will automatically learn new things from human behavior by connecting itself with the human brain. Just as Artificial Intelligence can solve many problems of humanity and can end bigger work in a short time, machine learning can also eliminate many of the human challenges by learning things automatically. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, employee recruitment procedures can be made easier in companies.

If we talk about the Hanum Resource Management, then machine learning can also make a significant contribution in the same way as Artificial Intelligence. There are several such challenges in Human Resource Management that can be eliminated with the help of machine learning. It is often seen in companies that sometimes such cadets also come to give interviews which are not suitable for the company. But with the help of machine learning, this problem can be solved. Candidates’ screening test can be done by machine learning, and in such a way, the machine will automatically reject the candidates who are not suitable for the company. Also, the candidates who are suitable for the company can be put in the tracking system with the help of machine learning. is a mixed confluence of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Where applicants’ screening test is taken with the help of machine learning. With the help of, HR can hire an appropriate employee without wasting the time. For this, HR will have to prepare a screening test for cadets on If any candidate applying for a job passes that screening test, then HR can decide the time for his interview. This whole process is very easy.

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