One Signup that Can Solve the Problem of 56% Companies

Have you ever think that why employers face many problems in Hiring? Let me you that 45% of companies in the world are struggling with a shortage of skilled employees. This is the highest data among last 12 years. According to the survey conducted in 2006, the companies that are facing a problem with hiring are 40%. India is among those 10 nations which were most affected by this issue.
In India, 56% of the employers are facing problems while filling vacant positions. If we talk about the Talent Shortage Survey 2018 conducted by Manpower Group with 40 thousand companies then India is among the most affected companies.

According to Japanese employers, 89% of them are facing problems while hiring for vacant positions. After Japan, Romania (81%) and Taiwan (78%) are the most affected nations in the World. According to these surveys, companies face more problems in hiring skilled employees with technical and practical knowledge. During the Survey, more than 50% of the employers said that while recruiting employees, they pay maximum attention to the communication skills. After this, the capabilities of cooperation and problem-solving are tested.

But if we talk about the solution of this problem then it can be solved by smart hiring. Let me discuss that how technology can bring change in recruitment. How can we take help of various Job Portals that are suitable for Recruitment? Smart Hiring has made a change in the traditional hiring process.

Smart Hiring means the process which helps the employer to hire the best candidate on skill basis for an organization with the use of technology. The process which is dedicated for providing you suitable candidate. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Applicant Tracking System can be properly used in the recruitment process. is using these techniques in the recruitment process to provide best candidates to the employer without wasting their time. is designed in such a way that it filtered the resume according to the need of the company through Artificial Intelligence and track applicant through all the levels with Applicant Tracking System included in it. The system uses AI to intelligently match the skills and needs of the applicant with the job duties and requirements of the employer.

The candidate who passed the online screening test can schedule their interview accordingly on the website itself. The candidate is tracked by until the recruitment process is complete and candidate joins the company. is not only a simple job portal but more like a hands-off “virtual recruiter”. has already decreased the problem faced by employers in Hiring up to 80%.

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