Personality Development

Every individual has his own characteristic way of behaving, responding to emotions, perceiving things and looking at the world. No two individuals are similar.

You might like going out for parties but your friend might prefer staying back at home reading his/her favourite book. It is really not necessary that if you like partying around, your friend will also like the same. Here comes the role of personality.

What an individual sees in his childhood days and most importantly his/her growing days form his personality. How an individual is raised plays an important role in shaping his/her personality.
Personality is nothing but the aggregate conglomeration of memories and incidents in an individuals entire life span. Environmental factors, family background, financial conditions, genetic factors, situations and circumstances also contribute to an individuals personality.

Following are the factors which help in shaping ones personality:

Heredity – Heredity refers to factors that are determined once an individual is born. An individuals physique, attractiveness, body type, complexion, body weight depend on his/her parents biological makeup.

Environment – The environment to which an individual is subjected to during his growing years plays an important role in determining his/her personality. The varied cultures in which we are brought up and our family backgrounds have a crucial role in shaping our personalities.

Situation – An individuals personality also changes with current circumstances and situations. An individual would behave in a different way when he has enough savings with him and his behavior would automatically change when he is bankrupt.


Behavior A stereotyped motor response to an internal or external stimulus.

Character An individual’s set of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral patterns learned and accumulated over time.

Cognition The act or process of knowing or perceiving.

Cognitive The ability (or lack of) to think, learn, and memorize.

Gene A building block of inheritance, which contains the instructions for the production of a particular protein, and is made up of a molecular sequence found on a section of DNA. Each gene is found on a precise location on a chromosome.

Identity The condition of being the same with, or possessing, a character that is well described, asserted, or defined.

Maturity A state of full development or completed growth.

Personality The organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a human being distinctive. Personality is formed by the ongoing interaction of temperament, character, and environment.

Socialization. The process by which new members of a social group are integrated in the group.

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