How Technology Helps in Employee Recruitment

Recruiting a dedicated employee of the company has become a major challenge these days. The performance and productivity of the company rely heavily on its employees, but the delay in hiring appropriate talent for the company creates a bad effect on the reputation. To some extent, the recruitment process of companies is also responsible for the productiveness of the company.

Most of the companies are using the same traditional methods in recruitment that have been running for last several decades. But in this Era of Technology, various techniques are developing, with the help of which the recruitment of staff can be made easier and good employees can be recruited. Technology is playing a vital role these days in the industrial revolution of Automation.

Let us discuss how technology can be helpful in the recruitment process and how technology is Making Hiring Simple.

This era is of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – The biggest problem for HR is that applicants do not come for an interview after applying and some candidates don’t even join after got selected for the job. With the help of ATS, this type of problem is relieved up to a large level. The applicant tracking system can track a candidate from his resume submission to joining. With this technique, a major problem for HR to manage all the information related to candidates recruitment process can be managed. It’s due to the reason that several times the candidate did not appear in an interview after submitting the resume. But the applicant tracking system will begin to track the candidate after the resume has been submitted. Hence, the time of HR to track the candidate will not be consumed.

The New Era of Technology, Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence is very beneficial for both company and candidate. The Artificial Intelligence will screen and filter the candidates who deposit the resume on the portal. HR will not waste time in screening candidates for the technical round, the process of an interview will reduce to 80%. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, employee recruitment will increase and HR will get the right candidate on time. It will help HR with filtration of candidates, relive them from cold call to candidates for interview etc. is a Job Platform based on Artificial Intelligence and Applicant Tracking System. The is designed in such a way that it is convinced that it will look for the appropriate talent based on their skills. Through, you can choose an appropriate employee for the company to hire without any headaches or long processes HR does not even need to buy any expensive monthly package. filters the residual Candidates through Artificial Intelligence and takes their screening test. The advantage of this whole process is that if a company needs an employee to work, then the employee selected by is sent only for the company interview. We can say that its a simple ATS based on AI which helps HR in Recruitment by their logical filtration process.

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