Technology in Indian Farming Sector

The cost of cultivating agriculture is a matter of concern for farmers, but if the farmers are aware and use the new scientific techniques introduced in the agriculture sector, then the cost, hard work and time savings will be saved and the profits will be even higher. Scientists of Indian Agricultural Research Institute Pusa say that there is no shortage of such techniques in the agricultural sector now, due to which farming has now become much easier than before. New technology is also very beneficial in economic and environmental terms.

Zero Sidril technique

The farmer has a lot of trouble in making the field. Traditionally, the cultivation is plucked several times after the harvest. After that, sowing is done, but Zero Sidril is sown with the help of a special machine. Under this, the sowing of wheat is done with the harvesting of paddy crop in the farm. This technique has many advantages. The first thing is that it saves a lot of time. At the same time, all these savings of water, tillage, and cultivation of fuels are saved. After the harvesting of the machine, the straw crop stays in the farm after fertilization and then works on fertilizers in the field. Scientists say that the moisture content in the field at the time of paddy harvesting is fully utilized through this technique. With the help of this technique saving of 20 to 25 days, saving of 15 to 20 percent water can be saved.

Laser Leveler Technology

The farm is fully leveled using laser technology. After being leveled, the Quantity of water and compost should be uniform in every part of the field. There is uniformity in crop maturation also. The yield also remains the same.

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