Use Technology Hire With LGJ, Come Out of Old Hiring Process

We proudly talk about changes due to technology. Last few years technology done many big changes in the era. For example, Ola cab, Uber cab, Amazon etc. Technology made our life very simple. The very latest example of changing technology is your cell phone. If we talk about a few years back we use cell phones only for the call but now the time has been changed, now Cell phone helps us in many works. Technology is spreading in our lives like fire, but it is still lacked behind in various fields. We are still not using technology in various fields and we are working those fields with traditional methods. One of the largest examples is Recruitment, we are still using old traditional methods to hire the best talent for our company in a less time.

The reason why we are still using traditional methods of recruitment?

We have the technology, so why do we download data from a job portal? Why we waste time on its filtration? Why do we call Candidates manually for Interview? Why don’t we use smart hiring process? Smart hiring means an easy and effective way to hire a candidate. Social media can not be a smart recruitment process. I have seen many times, some HR waste a lot of time on social media for recruiting. But at last, they don’t get anything.

I am not saying that don’t use social media for recruitments but why to waste your time on social media if you can hire the best talent from some other mode and why to use another old traditional way of recruiting if you can switch to the smart hiring process?

Smart hiring means a fully technology-based process which helps the employer to hire the best candidate on skill basis for an organization. The process that is dedicated to giving you a suitable candidate. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and applicant tracking system can be properly used in the recruitment process. is using these techniques in the recruitment process to provide best candidates to the employer without wasting the time. is designed in such a way that it filters the resume according to the needs of the company through Artificial Intelligence and track applicant through all the levels with Applicant Tracking System included in it.

The candidate who got selected in online screening test can schedule their interview online. The candidate is tracked by until the joining process is completed and candidate joins the company. This process shows that is a job portal that works for companies to provide relevant employees and join their duties according to their needs which states that it’s not just a job portal but it’s just like a virtu al recruiter who hire candidates with the use of technology.

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